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Packaging Size: 225*95*30mm
Weight: 399g

Product name: Woodpecker Brand Utility Knife Fd-785
Color/Style: Yellow
Material: high carbon steel
-Blade Size: 0.5*18*100mm (18mm)
-Item Size: 15.8*3.8cm
-Weight: 99g (1pc)


Easy and convenient in application.
Nice for home or car wire connecting usage.
Comes with storage box for easy carrying and space-saving.
Designed with huge box of 540pcs assorted electrical wire terminals, meets your diverse needs.


- Metal plate, wear resistant and durable.

- High power motor, large capacity battery, Adjustable speed.

- Safety of sawing, vital improve the efficiency of your work.

- Dust-proof cooling holes, effective heat dissipation, no burning.

- High temperature does not extinguish.

- Wear-resistant chain, high hardness, wear-resistant, not easy to break.

- Pure copper motor, strong power, fast cutting to improve efficiency.

- Special guide plate, no lubrication required tungsten steel ball.

- Lighter and more portable.


Product name: Woodpecker Brand Utility Knife
Color/Style: black
Material: high carbon steel
Size: 168mm*29mm 
Weight: 75g (1pc)


- With aluminium alloy material, solid and durable
- Small and exquisite, it is easy to use
- Matched with protecting bag, it is convenient to carry
- Suitable for picnic, camping and other outdoor activities


* 100% Brand New and High Quality
* Made of alloy, strong toughness and wear resistance.
* Cross-shaped four-knife design, very sharp blades, improve drilling speed.
* Incision resistance are small, increase the opening speed, long service life.


- Full set
The set includes 1*heavy gun, 25*M4(32mm/1.26inch), 18*M6(38mm/1.49inch),20*M8(37mm/1.45inch),8*M10(52mm/2.04inch), a total of 72pcs accessories in a durable box, convenient for your use and storage.

- Premium quality
The gun is made of solid metal and is not easily damaged. The bolts are made of high-quality carbon steel, rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, and durable enough for you to hang things.

- Function
The heavy-duty gun is used to accurately and quickly install the cavity wall fixing device to the hollow column wall, and the hollow drive wall anchor expansion during installation, providing strong load-bearing capacity and safety.

- Anti-slip handle
The fixing device with non-slip rubber grip provides firm grip and comfortable to hold, which is easy to control.


This bath flower is made of quality PE material, soft and comfortable to use.
With a hanging strap, convenient to storage and drain the water.
Easy to clean and dry, can prevent bacterial growth and sticky dust.