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  • Using flexible, has high elasticity to restore memory effect, folded without creases, and the hand feels high toughness. The surface of the hose is smooth and flat, the color is bright.
  • Pu air tube features: light-weight; abrasion and chemical resistance; tasteless; high mechanical strength, minimal pressure loss; convenient for piping as it has better flexibility than nylon tubes.
  • Air compress hose working medium: compressed air, vacuum (no other gas or liquid); application of air tube: used for piping of pneumatic devices.
  • Exhaust the PU tube to the end and then let go, the PU tube will immediately return to its original appearance, no creases, high elasticity recovery, anti-aging.

  • Add a constant but comfortable resistance to your workout with two one-pound ankle and wrist weights, bumping up your wrist strength. It can exercise the muscles of the legs and arms, burn calories, increase endurance, and improve muscle recovery.

  • Built-in steel block of the wrist weight. Let your exercise comfortably and at ease.Avoiding the same as traditional bracelets: The built-in object is sand which is heavy and unsightly and will shake and affect movement. The surface layer of the wristband is sewn of inferior quality, easy to open the thread, and the internal contents will leak.

  • Soft silicone gives it a comfortable feel, size is adjustable to fit perfectly to the wrist or ankles.Durable material, waterproof and easy to clean and odor proof make it easy to bring while traveling, throwing into your gym back or even purse. Comes in a carry bag.

  • Great to accessorize with while exercising. Does not look bulky and can have multiple colors available to match with your personal style.

  • Hands free way to tone arms resistance, build muscle, burn fat. For yoga, running, aerobics, pilates, walking, traveling,


- Style: Contemporary
- Finish: Chrome
- Function: connect Water Heater

  • Product Name : 10PCS Adult Clothes Hanger

  • Material : Stainless Steel + PVC Rubber Coating

  • Features : Wet and Dry Dual-Use

  • Colour : Blue / Pink / Purple / Green



100% brand new and high quality.
Product Name: Stainless Steel hinges
Color: silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimension: 98MM X 70MM X 1.6MM

  • Product Name : 10PCS Children Clothes Hanger

  • Material : Stainless Steel + PVC Rubber Coating

  • Features : Wet and Dry Dual-Use

  • Colour : Dark Blue / Pink / Purple / Green


  • Solid steelmaterials, suitable for all kinds of layer board, shelf, glass, marble, fixed support.
  • High quality material to ensure sturdiness & durability; nice finish
  • Rust resistance: made of hardened steel
  • ATTN: Please do not use this product in the humid environment, or somewhere with salty vapor.
  • Only the dry indoor situation can keep it rustless.
  • Bracket Size: 105MMX 140MM X 3.0MM

  • Fits various models:W = 70cm, (Extended) L= 130cm-150cm Approx, (Compressed) L = 1.5cm Adjustable and fits really well with windshields of various car types, such as compact cars, sedan cars, SUVs, MPVs.

  • Keep the Car Cool:Premium Quality reflective Aluminum foil material blocks heat and 98% UV. Car Windshield Sun Shade to keep your vehicle cool and protects dashboard damage caused by hot sunlight.

  • High quality materials: Made of high-density high-quality polyester fabric, aluminum foil, nylon and ABS bracket, high-quality fabrics plus environmentally friendly technology to create a professional sunshade.

  • Protect Your Vehicle Interior:Retractable Sun Shade keeps your steering wheel from being hot and burning your hands. Also protects the seat from overheating.

  • Easy to install: When installing, please pay attention to keep the windshield clean. Please use force when using the suction cup to remove the air to ensure the suction.With ABS bracket, simple installation, free of disassembly and retraction, help you save space and time.